Capacity Building

  • Support the capacity of members
  • Improve the working practice of members
  • Organize Training and experience sharing events with members
  • Establish a Knowledge and Learning Management ( KLM) center in the Association’s office

Research, Advocacy and International Relations

  • Undertake research to identify bottlenecks of the sector, and organize Public-Private Dialogue (PPD) between the government and private sector.
  • Develop a Strategic Plan (2019-2023) of the Association

Trade and Investment Promotion

  • Promote products of members in domestic and international markets
  • Facilitate Joint venture (JV) activities
  • Enhance the quality of products so that they can be competent in the international market. One of the mechanisms is to employ international consultants with the support of donors.
  • In collaboration with the African Union (AU), play a leading role in the formation of the African Bottled Water and Soft Drinks Manufacturing Association (ABWSMA), and register EBSMIA in the list of International Bottled Water and Soft drinks Manufacturing Industries Association.
  • In collaboration with FMHACA, and other regulatory bodies contribute to the enhancement of products quality
  • Organize Bottled water and Soft drinks Trade fair to promote products of members.
  • Organize fundraising event
  • Support in solving members' serious problems like, workers strike, customs, forex, import & export problems.

Administration and Finance

  • Introduce modern practices of accounting system and HR administration
  • Support income generation mechanisms of the Association
  • Collect membership, service, and another related fee from members and non-members
  • Provide support letters to members at anytime

Information Technology (IT)

  • Gather and share information/knowledge-related issues to Bottled water and Soft drinks Manufacturing Industries.
  • Support and encourage members to implement modern IT systems and Automation
  • Develop the Association’s website whereby member's names, address,es and brand could be promoted all over the world.


  • Prepare different projects and concept notes that help the Association to be self-sufficient as regards finance
  • EBMIA in collaboration with Nestle has already submitted a project proposal to the World Bank to make research on the Bottling water, soft drinks and beverage group. The project will be supported by the Danish Development Partner.


  • Develop different marketing techniques that support members to enhance their publicity and increase productivity
  • Publish different brochures that tell the Association’s duties and responsibilities
  • Connect members to the international market- Foreign Trade promotion

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