Membership Benefits

Be a member of the Association that is to be renewed every year and get all the services like:

  • Get the list of all members and non-members of the Association,
  • Free access to up-to-date information from the Association via your email or phone call or texts,
  • Get support letter to any government and non-government offices, 
  • Get a membership certificate,
  • Attend the General Assembly meeting and other workshops, training, Forums, and meetings
  • Elect and be elected on the General Assembly,
  • Lobby on your behalf,
  • Free listings of your company's name on our website for millions of potential suppliers and customers to find you;
  • Attend on business to a business meeting (B2B) to be held here in Addis Ababa or abroad,
  • Attend company visits and experience sharing events
  • Bargain on Policy matters that affect members' interest
  • Advocate for members on any concerns
  • Represent at any government or non-government organizations
  • Advise on tax, investments expansions, market linkages, access to Forex, access to Finance, labor, and Bank cases
  • Receive the latest information on Government regulations, Tax issues…..
  • access to business matchmaking services with foreign business delegations and participation in outgoing local trade missions;
  • Entitled to involve in public-private Consultation dialogue and other high-profile meetings on government business policy issues and directives, etc.

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